About the band

Europe’s best GN’R cover band

In 2013, the Danish tribute band was formed. G N’ R Tribute consists of passionate and talented musicians who are all Guns N’ Roses fans.
The band pays tribute to the world’s most dangerous rock band, who released their debut album ‘Appetite for Destruction’ in 1987, which became the best-selling debut album in rock history.

When we go on stage to pay tribute to the originals, you have no doubt that we really love the music! G N’ R Tribute provides a completely authentic experience of Axl, Slash and the rest, and all the familiar classics are taken under expert and loving care.

If you close your eyes, you can even feel the Hollywood buzz! Transport yourself back to the days when it all peaked for the original stars.
At the concerts you will always hear some of the immortal hits, such as “Welcome To The Jungle”, “Paradise City” and “Sweet Child O’ Mine”.

Read more about the musicians below and find out who’s hiding behind the top hat, bandana and wigs!

Come backstage and meet the band

Peter 'Axl' Rosensteen
Peter 'Axl' RosensteenVocals
Peter has been singing for as long as he can remember. As a singer he has been “schooled” by school choirs and cassette tapes/LP’s at home in his boyhood bedroom. Peter has sung/played in several cover bands and traveled all over the country with them.

When he traveled around Australia for 12 months back in 1993-94, the only tape in his walkman was “Appetite for Destruction”. Since then he has loved Guns N’ Roses.

George 'Slash' Alevrofas
George 'Slash' AlevrofasLead guitar
George was introduced to Guns N’ Roses at an early age, as his older siblings listened to them a lot. After buying his first guitar at the age of 13, he was determined to create the same sound and attitude that Slash had. George claims that Slash is the reason he plays guitar and why he loves Guns N’ Roses so much.

George has been in a handful of other bands since the age of 16 and currently holds two university degrees in classical guitar.

Brian 'Duff' Baden
Brian 'Duff' BadenBass
Brian is a self-taught bassist influenced by his musical father. He has been on stage performing for many years and has solid experience playing in bands – both original and cover bands.

The reason Brian loves Guns N’ Roses is because of Duff. His sound and drive was Brian’s bass influence from the 80s. The sound had power and strength, drive and groove, and it was everything Brian wanted to achieve as a bass player.

Jesper 'Izzy' Jensen
Jesper 'Izzy' JensenGuitar
Jesper got his first guitar at the age of 12. After joining the school band the following year, he has been playing in bands on and off ever since.

The first time Jesper heard Slash play the intro to ‘Paradise City’, he was hooked, and he’s been following the band ever since – with concerts in both Denmark and the US.

He loves Guns N’ Roses because they make the coolest music and they’ve been with him for most of his life.

Fun fact: Jesper once rang Axl’s front doorbell.

Niels 'Adler/Sorum' Larsen
Niels 'Adler/Sorum' LarsenDrums
Niels started playing rock and heavy metal back in the 1970s.

Niels has been in a number of bands and is used to being on stage – he has played at Roskilde Festival and toured abroad.

Niels not only plays the drums – he is also a skilled guitarist and is the lead guitarist in a Danish rock band.

However, Guns N’ Roses has long been his inspiration. For Niels, the band symbolizes a lifestyle, and it is they, among others, who inspired him to play drums and guitar.

Jakob 'Dizzy' Edut
Jakob 'Dizzy' EdutKeyboard
Jakob has been playing piano for about 30 years and has played in jazz, blues and rock bands.

Jakob is known for kicking ass as the band’s 6th member, providing crisp keys on the epic ballads, and punishing congas and tambourine on the rest!

In addition, Jakob is a traveling Guns N’ Roses encyclopedia, having seen the band in six different countries.

He proudly wears his ‘Use Your Illusion’ tattoo on his arm and dreams of one day landing an exclusive solo interview with W. Axl Rose.

See you out there! šŸ¤˜šŸ»